Deciphering Methylation Effects on S2(ππ*) Internal Conversion in the Simplest Linear α,β-Unsaturated Carbonyl
Internal Conversion of the Anionic GFP Chromophore: In and Out of the I-twisted S1/S0
Conical Intersection Seam
Imaging electronic and hydrogen dynamics with ultrafast electron diffraction
Probing Competing Relaxation Pathways in Malonaldehyde with Transient X-ray
Absorption Spectroscopy
UED Water
Direct Observation of Ultrafast Hydrogen Bond Strengthening in Liquid Water
Electronic Circular Dichroism with the Full
Semiclassical light–matter Interaction
Operator: A Four-Component Relativistic
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We are a young group at the Department of Chemistry at KTH led by Nanna H. List. We develop and apply theoretical methods to explore ultrafast photoinduced correlated electronic and nuclear motion and address questions relevant for energy harvesting, transport, conversion and storage. Intermolecular energy and charge flow is a paradigm in biological systems . Diffraction and spectroscopic techniques provide the bridge between our theoretical work and experiments performed by our collaborators.

If you are a Bachelor Student, Master student, PhD or PostDoc who wants to join the group, read more here.

Recent publications